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Focus is essential in both meditation and productivity in the workplace. Learn to focus your mind despite the noise in your own head and the hectic world around you.


No organism is designed for a permanent life in the red speed range. By regulating our breath and taming our mind, we learn to activate the self-healing powers of our body.                                                      


Energy can be understood as our capacity to do work – whether physical, mental or emotional work. Learn how to stop energy loss and increase your bio-energetic capacity.                                       

breathing is the key to longevity and performance

About flow2zen

My name is Dorje Wulf and I help entrepreneurs and performance-oriented individuals to find their inner balance and develop their maximum energetic potential.

Due to my previous work in project management in the financial sector I know first hand how a continuously high stress level impacts your body, psyche and energy level. I know how it feels when you want to perform at your highest level, but somehow you feel like the tank is empty. And how it is to not be able to calm down after intense project phases at work.

I’ve been a martial arts enthusiast for many years, so I was already familiar with breathing exercises and meditation. But in those times of intense work-related stress I made these two a part of my daily routine. At the same time I deep dived into topics such as sleep optimization, biohacking (changing your lifestyle, in order to improve health, longevity and performance) and into working with my subconscious mind.

Finally, I took time off from work and travelled through Asia extensively to work on personal development, yoga, breathwork, meditation, martial arts and self-defense. In the following years I travelled to India repeatedly where I got trained as a meditation and pranayama (yogic breathwork) teacher in 2019 (RMS 500 hours program).

Today I combine my knowledge in the fields of stress-management, regeneration, breathwork, meditation, Indian philosophy, martial arts and mindset in order to help people to rediscover their inner balance and become the most energetic and high-vibing version of themselves.

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Breathwork: Breathing is one of the most powerful tools to biohack our operating system such that the desired mental and bio-energetic state can be reached. By breathing in a certain way, we can actively influence our nervous system, connect to our subconscious mind and control our stress levels. 

Meditation: Meditation, the art of emptying our minds, is a very effective technique which has been used for thousands of years to relax, to focus, but also to reach inner clarity and peace. The resulting mental state creates great relaxation and serenity and provides a robust basis for living a fulfilled human life. Meditation is also a unique self-inquiry tool that helps us understand ourselves better which is the first step to making changes in our lives.

Holistic Health: Understanding our own biology and our innate responses to the ecosystem we live in is essential to playing our highest game. While our environment evolves rapidly, our brains and bodies have not changed much since stone age. Therefore, we combine the biohacker’s toolbox with aspects of modern mental coaching and timeless spiritual wisdom to boost your physical as well as your mental and emotional health.


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RECEIVE X Chainless Life Retreat, May 12-17, 2021, Portugal

RECEIVE Deluxe Retreat, September 03-08, 2021, Portugal

RECEIVE X Chainless Life Retreat, Oktober 02-07, 2021, Portugal

Energy Flow Coaching

EFC consists of weekly coaching calls and a systematic online platform introducing you to the concept of Prana (life-force) and how to practically use these insights to bring your energetic level to heights hitherto unknown. Through introducing you to the ancient Indian 5-elements philosophy and through combining both specific meditation and breathing techniques with modern biohacking, I will help you implement effective new routines and guide you step-by-step on the path of self-empowerment and personal transformation.

Stress Management
(for Businesses)

Boosting focus and overall wellbeing translate to more productivity while effectively preventing burnout. Level up your teams’ stress-resilience – explicitly for corporate clients.